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Friday, June 9, 2017

in the park .... Gainesville, florida

Devil's  Millhopper

   4732 Millhopper Rd
  Gainesville, Florida
  120 foot  deep  sinkhole
named Devil's Millhopper
since it is shaped  similar
 to a  grain  hopper  with 
fossils  found at the bottom.
Previously  owned  by  UF
purchased  by the  State of  Florida
in 1974
1976   area  was  renamed
Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park 

236 steps , observation decks
 and platforms
 were  added  to  allow  access  to  the  sink.
I have  a  not  so  fond  memory  of visiting
 the  sink at  night  with  several  college 
crazies before  the  steps  and platforms.
a diversion  from an  all nite  study session
 before  a microbiology  final  in 1972   ..
my  misfortune  to trip and then slide about 
40 feet down before  grabbing  onto some 
shrub roots..  stopping before a close up
 look  at the  bottom..