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Thursday, May 25, 2017

mural trailing 2017 ... Gainesville, Florida

Thanks  to 
 352 Walls /   Gainesville  Urban  Art  Initative
Gainesville  is  becoming  a city  of  murals.
A  nice  departure  from  the  concrete  canvas
and  much  overpainted  self  expressions on
34th Street  Wall.
Not  that  I  want to  dis  the Wall ..
it  has  been  a  focal  point  of
my  street  photography
for many  years.
The  murals  scattered  about  town
bring  a  new  perspective ..
erasing  the  drabness 
of  the  older  areas  
of  Gainesville
filling  an  art  void

mural  by  Reuben  Ubiera
part  of  the  Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans project
that  is  promoting   awareness  of  global
ocean  environmental  issues