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Thursday, December 22, 2016

quacking along in Vegas .......

Ugly  Duckling
Neon Museum 
Las  Vegas  Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dec. 2016 
the 'ugly duckling'  neon  sign
was never part of the Vegas strip.
It was  advertisement for 
Ugly Duckling Auto Sales
( 1977 -  2002 )
loved the tour through the 'boneyard' 
 of  old  Vegas signage.  
Only tours with a docent  are permitted
no wandering about and self guided 
tours are not permitted.
 the night tours were recommended
but only a few of the signs are lit  and the
remainder have  strobe lights that 
illuminate each section of  signs..
so my preference would be to take
a daytime tour so that you can
have a better view and photos.
a lot of  painted signs mixed 
in with the true neon signs.