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Sunday, July 24, 2016

mural trailing 2 .. Deland , Florida

Deland , Florida  currently  has 
over a dozen  murals  depicting
life in the city  during the 1900's
the mural walk  began in the 
late 1990's
Turn of the  Century
by Courtney Canova and Robert Brooks
completed in the spring of 2004 
and repainted  in 2015
located  in Painter's Park
corner of Wisconsin and Alabama Aves.
the mural is painted  on a
100 foot long retaining wall
(  the lone  surviving ramp of a railroad spur )
 the  mural consists of a series of panels..
some 3D that extend along the retaining wall
depicting  a train ride  through Deland
at the turn of the century.
photo collages  below 
are  from my initial  visit in 2012 
and again in June  2016