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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

out and about ... Madison files

Post  Office  Murals
dating  from  1934 - 1943
depicted  scenes  from  everyday life.
Often  mistaken  for   WPA  art,
the  murals  were  funded through
the  Treasury  Dept.'s  
Section of  Fine  Arts
in an effort  to boost morale and create
public art  during  the  Great Depression ( 1929 - 1939 )
I remember  looking  up at
the  mural  over  the postmaster's door
in  Madison on  my  daily  visits
to  retrieve  mail,  buy  stamps  or
mail  packages...  before  Fed-X 
and UPS  replaced  those errands.
The  Madison mural ..
Long Staple Cotton
by muralist George  Snow  Hill
depicts   a cotton factory during the
time  that  Madison was home  to  the
world's largest cotton gin 
( a post  for  a later date )
Post  Office  murals  are  disappearing
at a time  when  we  should  be preserving
these  glimpses  of  an  era  gone by..
controversial or not...
you  don't  have  to agree  with art 
to enjoy it...  

Madison  Post  Office
197 Southwest Pinckney Street
built  in  1936