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Friday, February 5, 2016

nostalgia ...

a  place  from  the  past 
 that  will  always  
bring  back  memories  
of   picnics  and  swimming
in  the  Withlacoochee  River.
to  be  honest ,
as a child  I never  knew
the name of the river..
we  simply  said  we
were going to blue springs.
Everyone  knew  the
Blue  Springs  Road
 (   State Road 6  ) 
and  the  turn  off  for the 
spring  was  the  third  little
'bridge' at the  
Madison / Hamilton County line 
But  those  were  simpler  times..
long  before  the State Park system
began  managing  the  area. 

 Blue  Springs  
flowing  into  the Withlacoochee 
photos  from  2012