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Thursday, April 9, 2015

something to talk about .............

  British   Phone  Box
@  Six  Pence  Pub
Savannah  Georgia
always  gets a  comment  
from  Savannah  tour guides
that  the  Pub  and phone box 
were  used  in  Georgia  location
for the 
Julia  Roberts ' film
Something  to Talk  About
in  1995
the  movie was  lackluster  at  best
deriving  its  title  from the
Bonnie  Raitt  song  released
in 1991  
( reaching  Number 5 on  Billboard's  Adult  Contemporary Chart )
okay ...
now  I have to pull out the  Ipod 
and listen to the CD..
Luck of  the  Draw
arguably  Bonnie  Raitt's  best  album
(  my  favorite anyway !! )