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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

on THE WALL ............ April 12, 2015

my  favorite  graffiti  guys 
had  a  massive  paint  out
on  the  34th  street wall
Saturday  ..

the  guys  were  working
with  several  graffiti  artists
from  Orlando  and Jax...

 a  joint  effort  
in  homage  to the  
upcoming  release  of
the latest
AVENGERS  movie...

in   respect  of  
their  privacy
I  won't  publish  the 
shots  of  them  working
or use  their  names....

I   enjoy  the   artwork..
hope  you  do  as  well..

theme  for  April  2015 

two  more  panels
were  painted  
on Sunday...
try  to  add  those  later