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Sunday, April 12, 2015

around Gainesville .......2015

46th  annual  
Santa Fe  College  Spring  Arts  Festival
April 11 - 12 
downtown  Gainesville
the  show  seems  a  little  less 
each  year..
but  still  one  of   the  best

photography  and  painting
are  always  fantastic  exhibits..

pottery  is  always  
a  big  draw  for  me..

Pristine  Stringz
(  Quinn  Bass  and  Ben  Derrico )
glad  to  find  these  guys  
playing  in  the  middle 
of  the  canopies ...

the usual  music  venue
has been  moved  to the 
Thomas  Center 
due  to  ongoing  construction
at  Bo Diddley  Plaza.
 mostly  used  the  Iphone camera..
less  noticeable... 
the  image  quality  is 
sometimes  not  as good 
as the BIG camera..
but it does  come  in  handy.