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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Butterfly Rainforest
at  the  Museum  of  Natural  History
UF  campus
Gainesville,  Florida
a   drive  by  the  34th  Street  Wall
didn't  look  too  promising...
since  I   was  in  the  area  a visit
to  the  Butterfly Rainforest  seemed

Rainforest  from  the  Harn 
then  almost  two  hours 
browsing  around  the
Harn  Museum..

glad  I  ventured  inside..
they  changed  the  policy 
about  photography  in  the 
exhibit  rooms 
now  photography  is  allowed 
everywhere  except  the  Monet  Exhibit

 I  had  already  put  my  Nikon
in  the  car...
so  all  the photos  are
from  the  Iphone

the  photography  exhibits
were  great ...

but  my  favorite 
was  the  Andy  Warhol  exhibit