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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

walkabout ......... in the rain

34th  Street  Wall
Gainesville,  Fl
sudden  changes  in  the
weather  are  the  norm
for  Florida  during  the  summer..
clear   skies ..
then  it  will  dump  massive
 amounts  of  rain  in  a  few minutes..
that  happened  this  past  weekend
when  I  did  my  weekly
WALL  check  for  new  graffiti..
this  time  I  was  prepared..
small  umbrella  and  plastic bag
to  cover  my  camera..
the  camera  stayed  dry..
can't  say  as much  for me..
my shoes  are  still drying  out .
the  only  panel
that  has  not  been defaced.. to date
maybe  the  rain was  a  good  thing