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Thursday, June 5, 2014

just dessert ... please

Market  City  Cafe
 Cherry  Street 
 Macon, Ga.
downtown  Macon  has  a  slew
 of  cafes  and  bistros...
 some  better  than  others ..

Market  City  Cafe
was  one  that  I  had  looked  forward  to
 whenever   we  stopped  downtown...
however  the service  and quality   of the
main  entrees  was sub standard  this time ..

tuna  melt 
 was too fishy tasting
and  not  at  all similar  to  the  quality
 of  the  ones  we  use  to make  
back  in  the  expat days.

the  homemade  chips
were  tasteless ..
where  is  trader joe's 
when  you  need  them ? ..

fried  green  beans
which  previously were 
touted  as  making  you
forget  all  about  fried  green  tomatoes..
were  a touch  overdone  and perhaps
cooked  in  oil  that  had  been been
used  to  fry something  else...

BUT ...
the real  reason  for selecting
Market City Cafe
or recommending it ..
would  simply  be  the
banana  pudding .....

Banana  Pudding
enough to  share ..
but  you  do  have  to order 
the  dessert  first..
only  a  few  are  made  each  day
and  they  do  go  quickly.