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Saturday, November 6, 2010


An early start to get a few unobstructed
'peek-tures' at the 29th ammual
Downtown Festival & Art Show.

A cool 39° when I left home.
Cool temps, an away football game
and a KOI festival at Kanapaha Gardens
contributed to a slow start.

Most of the exhibitors were setting up..
Opening time was still two hours away.

Only one vendor shouted out
Of course after I heard and translated
his comment, I had already taken a
shot .. not overly impressive, so that one
when I find it will be deleted.

Permission to photograph was granted for
the shots on the blog.

I understand and respect a photographer's
work and would never shoot without their
consent... but what is the harm in images of
ceramic works ???

This photographer's work just floored me.....

Have lots more to share... another day perhaps.!!