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Friday, October 29, 2010

Mystery solved.....

Another sculpture on campus that
no one seems to know the name or

Today I "polled' several students and the
manager of the college office with no luck.

Almost an hour of googling to locate a 2003 article
with the correct information.... wouldn't it be nice to
have markers for the art work.......

Located at Weimer Hall
College of Journalism.

Media's People
artist : Don Bartlett

Depicts a mother,father and children in front
of a traditional 8 column newspaper,
facing two communication students in front of a
6 column newspaper that is evolving into
satellite communications.

Bellsouth used a photo of this sculpture
for the Gainesville 1987 - 1988 phone book.
Airbrushing a palm leaf to cover the woman's breasts.