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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sumo wrestling.. .

Saturday at our gate there were two
gophers ( tortoises ) fighting and it looked
very similar to a Sumo match.

I like Sumo Wrestling.
No reason .. I just do.

Gophers are very territorial.
They rear up and ram each other,
until one tips over.
Being a novice watching this behavior, I didn't
realize that the gophers are very polite and
help each other to flip back over to continue
the fight.

So I asked Bob to come outside and flip her over.
He was rewarded for this act of kindness by much
hissing from the overturned gopher.

The gophers went in opposite directions.
One vanquished to the woods.
The other strolled casually through the
gate and down the drive.

Match over .
The champion returned to his burrow
under the storage shed.