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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Day Shopping ...

The rain this past week prevented me
from getting out and about with the
camera.... well .. I wouldn't want to
ruin my camera, would I ??

But I can drive over to Fanning Springs
and take all the photos I want inside this
fabulous shop ( Point of View ).

Renata ( the owner ) even serves tea.

Hot Raspberry tea in the winter and
refreshing Peach iced tea in the summer.

She is a most gracious hostess and allows me to
shoot as much as I want.

It is a remarkable shop.
But the centerpiece has to be this
enormous rocking horse.

What began as a carousel horse soon
became this spectacular rocking horse.
Over 6 feet high and 11 feet long.

It can actually be ridden..

Two years to complete.
This sculpted horse is made of mahogany
and bent oak.

.. and for a mere $25,000 you can
take this baby home.