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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another look .....

The Thomas Center building A houses the
Division of Cultural Affairs offices, art galleries,
meeting rooms and 1920's Period rooms.
Adjoining building B ( formerly hotel guest rooms )
serves as city office space.
The Spanish Court.
The main art gallery is located at the far end.
The terrazzo floor covers a sunken garden .
Flooring installed during the conversion of the
Sunkist Villa to the Thomas Hotel.

Noon is a good time to visit . All the office workers were
on lunch break and I had the entire building to myself.

The main gallery houses the moving exhibits.
Usually on display for one month .

The conference room formerly the library.
Those chairs are uber comfy.

The Reception .
The workmanship on the fireplace is remarkable.

The Parlor.
Lots of period pieces in this room... from a gramaphone
to a fur hat and stole. Tea service ,piano and books
are on the far side of the fireplace.