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Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Campus ..

Century Tower and the University Auditorium.
In the center of the campus historic district.
The Gothic Bell Tower was completed in 1956.
University Auditorium in 1922.

The carillon tower is 157 feet tall.
Built to commemorate the 100th anniversary
of UF's parent institution in Ocala Florida
and to serve as a memorial for the students
and alumni that perished in World Wars I and II

The Carillon is one of four in Florida.
the bells chime on the quarter hour from 8 am
to 8 pm. The clock melody is heard progressively
with more and more of the tune until the entire
song is played at the top of the hour.

51 bells are housed in the tower.
To play the bells, the musician sits in a small room below
the bell chamber and uses the 61 batons for the
hands and 25 pedals for the feet.
The smallest bell weighs 26 pounds while the largest bell
( Bourbon Bell ) is 5 feet tall and weighs 7,000 pounds.
Students can take a carillon course where they are required
to climb 194 steps in the Tower to play the bells for a grade.