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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

dust in the wind ......

a   favorite   spot  
 in  Micanopy 
 was  always  
O.  Brisky  Books
a  step  into  the  past..
dark  and  dusty 
and  filled  with 
the  most  improbable 
collection  of  out  of  print
books .
the  book seller 
and  shop 
from  an  era  
gone  by...
sadly  the  old  bookseller
O.J. Brisky 
passed  away  in  2014 
the  bookstore  has  closed  
and  two  'new'  shops
now  occupy  the  space

Monday, July 27, 2015

mondays blues ......

water logged
after a rainy weekend
started  work 
on a  long overdue
photo book 
of  short  day  trips
from  gainesville
way  too  many  photos 
that  I want  to preserve
so   more  than  one  book
in  the  works
Book  format  is a wonderful
way  of  saving  your favorite
photos  and  longer  lasting
than  the  traditional  photo  album
a  nice  way  to   preserve
a  special  event 
I  prefer  Blurb....
check it out

Sunday, July 26, 2015

sunday in the park ......

Courthouse  Plaza  
north entrance to Chess Park
Deland, Florida

Saturday, July 25, 2015

out and about ........ signs

the  red  door  shop 
in  Micanopy 
 is  probably  a
nice  place  to browse
I haven't  gone  inside  
in years....
not  since  I  'shot'
the  first  no  photography
sign  in  2009 
It  isn't  that I  don't
 respect  the  right 
to  not  allow  food / drinks
 even photography
Personally  I always  ask
if  it  is  okay  before 
I  shoot  anywhere  
other  than  on  the  street.
just  seems  a  little  
too  much  attitude 
in  not  allowing  
Not  the  sort  of  place
I would  feel  welcome

Friday, July 24, 2015

birds in the 'hood .... 18 - 24 July

that  time  of  year
when   most  of  
the  birds  have 
gone  on  to cooler
spaces ...

adult  bluebirds  abandoned
the eggs  in  the  nesting box..
the  young  bluebirds 
from a previous  clutch
still  return  for a quick bath.

cardinals  are  still  around
as  are  the  blackbirds 
mourning doves

(  as  always..  click   on   photos  to enlarge  )

..  and   two  of  the  hummers
still  appear 
for a quick drink

Thursday, July 23, 2015

retro thursday .......

cash  register  keys
circa  1906
okay ...  
not  really  this  twisted..
I just liked  the  effect ...
some  days  you  just  see  things
that  way ...

below  is  the  original shot